Packing for Great Wolf Lodge

We are getting ready to go to Great Wolf Lodge in Fitchburg Massachusetts this weekend. We have gone every year for the last 5 years. Even though we have gone enough to get into our own little routine , it is still a lot to get 6 people (we are missing our 20 year old daughter this year) into the van and drive for 2 1/2 hours.

This year I am a little late getting us packed up, we have had the Flu come through the house. Luckily we are all better so now the trick is to come home with out another illness. I will be packing my Grove Hand Sanitizer Gel in a small travel bottle to keep in my pocket and my Norwex Travel Envirocloth to keep nasty germs at bay.

When you are 2 1/2 hours away from home you never really know what is going to happen so I do make sure before I put my family in the car my AAA is active so I have roadside assistance if needed. I also make sure I have a first aid kit, I have learned a thing or two being on the road with kids so here is What is in my First Aid Kit:

  • Sling and Ace bandage
  • ABD pads, gauze pads, and Instant Cold pack
  • Bandaids and Butterfly Closure
  • Emergency Burn Gel (not just great for kitchen burns but also great for sunburns)
  • Antibiotic cream and Hydrocortisone cream
  • Stop Bleed Spray
  • Tylenol (adult and children’s), Ibupofen (adult and children’s), Aspirin, Dramamine and Nauzene (adult and children’s) and dosage syringe for the kids.
  • Thermometer
  • Benadryl
  • Clear Eye, Alaway and artificial tears
  • Pepto, Tums and Imodium (adults and children’s)
  • Saline Nasal spray
  • Antibacterial wipes
  • Clippers and Tweezers
  • Female Hygiene Prodcts

Seems like it is over kill right. I originally started out with a tiny First Aid Kit with a few bandaids and creams. My Kit has grown from experience from getting plugged tear ducts (that is the artificial tears) to not being able to get off the toilet while in Florida (Imodium and Pepto). What about the stop bleed? When you have a family member on a blood thinner and a the Salon at Great Wolf Lodge nicks them with clippers and everyone is freaking out, well that works very well and calms every one down. I have had splinter issues, sprained ankles, twinged arms, broken and hang nails, bloody noses from air changes (saline nose spray works great for this) and burns (not sunburns because we have sunblock in our beach bag) just to name a few issues. It sucks to stop in the middle of your fun to have to go look for a Fist Aid Station or have to find a pharmacy.

Our First Aid Kit works great with travel but also in home use as well. I also keep a plastic bag in my First Aid Kit so I can grab a little bit of everything to keep in my fanny pack for the day.

I think this is the most Over Whelming part of packing, trying to figure out what you need in your medicine cabinet because you really can’t for see what issues you might run into so I hope this blog helps someone along the way on getting their family ready for any trip.

Stay tuned for my planning on our Las Vegas trip. So make sure you subscribe and follow my blog. ****Update: COVID hit so our trip to Las Vegas didn’t happen 😦

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